Our vision on learning

This is what we find important in learning:

We have an integrated approach to learning. Meaning we strive to find a good balance in the social emotional, cognitive, and physiological development of a child, thereby creating a solid foundation for further growth and sense of self-worth.

The teacher is a professional who guides students in the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge is the core of learning and precedes the acquisition of skills. New knowledge is easier to comprehend when it can be added to and build upon existing, previously acquired relevant knowledge.

Gaining insight in the learning process and being able to influence one’s own learning is another integral part of our approach focused on promoting the student’s ownership in their education.

We spend a good amount of time on foundational core subjects of calculus/math, language and reading. Our students consistently meet the base goals (1F) and we strive to achieve 1S/2F goals by good quality instruction. We have high standards and expectations and do not simply accept a “no can do” answer. In learning a student may encounter obstacles and barriers and as this will not always be fun, our teachers will be there to help overcome obstacles, challenge them, and build up confidence and motivation. Through this approach students will be enabled to strive, fueled by their own achievements and success stories, small and big, allowing each child to experience the joy in learning.


Vision on learning



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